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Historical Museum -

Address: "Osvobojdenie" Sq. No. 3
Batak 4580
Pazardjik District Bulgaria

Internatinal Dialing Code: 359
(0)3553-20-26: Museum Infomation
(0)3553-23-39: Director

Fax: (0)3553-20-30


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History- Bulgarian Revival; Modern History, Ethnography, House Museum

Opening Hours

Open 08:30 - 12:30, 13:30 - 17:30
Closed None


Visits during closing hours: possible with appointment



Adult 2.00 lv.
Student 1.00 lv.
Child Up to 12 years old 1.00 lv.
Others • Active military: free
• Handicapped: free
• Senior: 1.00 lv.

Guide/Lecture • Bulgarian
4.00 lv.

• English
• Russian  

free written-info provided at each exhibition
1 site/6.00 lv.


• Free admission: Monday
• Pass for
  - Historical Museum
  - Historical Church-Charnel House "St. Nedelya"
  - Ethnographic Exhibition- Balinova House
is available at the museum information center.
• Postcards, souvenirs, and texts are on sale.
• The Historical Museum- Batak is selected as site No. 38 in "100 National Tourist Sites."


Access to Museum

From nearby Regional Center to Town
• From Pazardjik: 36km
• From Plovdiv: 60 km
• From Sofia: 150 km

From Bus Station/Railway Station in Town
The museum complex is located in the center of the town.


Town Information

Batak is located on Batashuka Plain in the northwest of Rodopi Mountains, at 1,036 m above sea level.


Exhibitions Information

Number of Collection


Exhibition Area 450 m²

1. Historical Museum
Exhibition - rich photographic and documentary material archive, original objects since the Revival period, the April Uprising 1876, and the Russo -Turkish War from 1878.

2. "St. Nedelya" Church Ossuary
National Historical Monument of culture (1968). The church was built in 1813. It became sacred for every Bulgarian as was destined by history. In the spring of 1876, the population of the town of Batak dared to turn sight towards the light of freedom. Today their uprising represents the dream for Free Bulgaria. Due to the sequence of events and the natural right of people for spiritual and physical freedom, this church became a symbol of the April Uprising, one of the most significant events in the Bulgarian history, which was also the climax in the national wars for Freedom of the Bulgarians. Today the "St. Nedelya" Church-Ossuary in the town of Batak is one of the most frequently visited monuments in the country.

3. The Balins' House
It is an architectural and historical monument of culture (1968), a model of the traditional architecture in Batak. The displayed exhibition is dedicated to the traditional national culture in Bulgaria from the end of XIX century and in the first half of XX century.

Exhibition of Historical Museum- Batak



Museum History


"Valinova" House Museum outside

"Valinova" House Museum inside
Year of Establishment 1956
Founder -

The Historical Museum in Batak was established in 1956. In 2006, the museum celebrated its 50 anniversary. For half a century the specialists from the museum have searched, researched, stored and popularized the rich historical and cultural heritage of the Batak Municipality.

Today, the rich collections and the constantly renovated exhibitions of the Batak Historical Museum, make it an essential scientific, cultural and enlightening center, which coordinates all the activities for preservation of the cultural and historical heritage of the Batak Municipality.

The popularization of the cultural and historical heritage as the original and specific for the Municipality intellectual potential for development of cultural tourism, is one of the primary goals of the Museum.

The Museum undertakes its activities on the territory of the Batak Municipality. The profile and the character of the museum collections is generally historical.


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